One Month to Go or Less

If you read my blog at all, you know I have been working on completing the 366 Challenge this year.  I started the year with less than 100 days needed to finish.  Now, with the find I made today, I have only 11 to go.  YIPPEE!

This Fall has been a crazy Fall.  We lost one family member.  Another required surgery.  A good buddy of mine also required surgery.  My students this year are smart and lazy (an unfortunate combination).  Within all of that and more, I still needed to grab caches or else risk waiting an entire year to get another opportunity.

November thankfully gave me a bit of a break.  I had an almost two week stretch that was already filled.  This allowed me some down time to identify some caches I could easily grab as December rolled around.  The weather this year has been a bit colder so I might not get the kind of weather that is as conducive to easy caching like I had last December.

Coming off that two week break required a geocache on Wednesday and another one today.  A change in plans Wednesday allowed me to get a cache I had not considered.  When completing any kind of calender based challenge, getting caches outside your normal route are good.

So with both of those finds, here is what my calender looks like:

Nov 30th 366 CalenderAs you can see, the second half of December is almost full.  The last day I need is December 19th.  This is nice as it means caching will not get in the way of Christmas vacation (or at least family time during that vacation).  Officially, I have 11 days left to find.  The hardest stretch will be the 8th through the 16th.  I need one almost every day.

Ahhhh, it will be nice to finish this challenge.  I like the look of my green calender.


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