2013 Goal Met…now what?

Last year, I set a goal of finishing the 366 Challenge.  For the unaware, it is a unique geocaching challenge that requires finding a geocache on every calender day of the year.  I had about 96 days that needed to be filled and was able to complete it in December.  But what about 2014?2013 ended with some highlights.  Beyond finishing the 366 challenge, I also was able to finally cross the 4000 mark and set my highest find year since 2010.  I crossed the 200 mark for puzzle finds with a collection of challenge completions in the summer.  And more county finds are always nice.

My overall goal of completing the 366 was finished on GC4N5WF FindDecember 19th.  The cache I found was called Mail Call, a letterbox hybrid in St. Joseph.  I decided to finish with a non-traditional cache to mark the last find.  It also happened to be close to stop I needed to make.  The find ended up being easier than expected, though I’m sure some passerby’s were wondering why I kept taking photos.  I had some fun taking the photo as some people have been joking about my new look.  So I got this photo of me with the logbook.

By the way, I officially signed the log for a local 366 Challenge on January 11th.  I specifically choose one hidden by a friend of mine in Kansas City.  It was GC2EH02.

So now that leaves me with setting a goal for 2014.  Not setting one yet might explain why I only have three finds so far.  I am at a loss.  There are several things I would like to do.  It would be nice to finish another county challenge but that might not be a good option right now.  Finishing the Fizzy challenge would only require five finds.  Finding them will require a bit more work, but that might work.  Last year, I was REALLY close to having a find rate of 1 per day.  Considering the last few years, that is a decent enough goal.  One other one that I had thought about was trying to increase my number of non-traditional finds.

All three seem like good goals.  However, I think my primary goal will be to have a find rate above 1.0 per day.  I’ll make the number of non-traditional goals and finishing the Fizzy as secondary goals.

Anyone have any other good ideas?



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