2013 HooHaa52 Challenge Highlights

Over the years, I have attempted several photo challenges designed to last a year.  During my attempt at the 365 Challenge, I ended up failing around September when life got in the way.  Then in 2012, I got involved in the HooHaa52 Challenge.  I got started later in the challenge so was unable to finish a full year.  Last year, I tried again and can finally say I finished.

The HooHaa52 challenge presents a series of challenge topics, one for each week of the year.  The goal is to take a photo during that topic’s week.  Many topics are open to interpretation, making the results come out rather varied from the group of us who participate.

You can see the whole set of photos I took by going to my HooHaa52 Year 3 Photo Set on Flickr.  Here are my top five favorites from the year:

1. Maryville Sunset

Maryville Sunset

This is my favorite from the year.  That it was not planned makes it a lucky shot.  You can read the full story by clicking on the photo, but suffice it to say that I actually RAN up a hill with my camera to get into position and arrived to late to capture originally what caught my eye.

2. Kansas City Skyline

Kansas City Skyline

Heights are not my friend, but the chance to take a photo of downtown Kansas City from the top of the Liberty Memorial was enough to make me challenge my fears.  My wife could tell I was a bit shaky, but while I took the 33 photos that make up this panoramic, my dad was enjoying the view, taking a variety of photos himself.  Unfortunately, I left a gap near the bottom that had to be cropped out or else this would have been a taller photo.

3. Circular Barn Sunrise

Circular Barn Sunrise

Getting this photo was planned.  The barn is rather unique and one I have driven by a few times.  Once I knew I wanted to get a photo, then it was a matter of waiting for the opportune time.  The topic that week was workable.  Weather played a factor in what days I could get a good sunrise shot.  I ended up getting it the last day of the week.  It worked out wonderfully.

4. The End

The End

I had a hard time choosing my top five but my last photo of the challenge definitely made the cut. The setting, the weather, the run out in the cold to get some shots; the photo definitely was memorable for me.  Click on the photo to read the story of how I took the shot.

5. Lonely Bug

Lonely Bug

Sometimes, photo opportunities come up by chance.  This was one of those times.  The topic was Loneliness and this photo met the topic in several ways.

Not all of my photos came out as favorites, but I am happy with many of the photos from the set.  Most if not all of them have an accompanying story.

I have already started on the challenge for this year.  You can check it out by looking at my HooHaa52 Year 4 set.


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