Breakfast in the Park

Come have Breakfast in the Park!
Keystone Park, Blue Springs, MO
June 18th, 7:00 – 9:30 AM
Cost: $10

In June, we are substituting Breakfast in the Corral, the monthly KC breakfast event, with Breakfast in the Park. The meal will consist of Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, and assorted donuts, fruits, and rolls, all catered by Hy-vee. Coffee and OJ will be provided as well. If you want something else for yourself drink, then bring enough for…yourself. If anyone wants to donate some drinks, please e-mail one of the event hosts.

Because the meal is catered, it will require purchase of a meal ticket.  Meal tickets will be $10 per person and can be purchase upon arrival at the event.  Food will be served until 9:30 AM.  Purchase of a meal ticket is not required to attend the event.

Money raised from selling meal tickets will be divided up.  The cost of catering will be pulled out to cover those costs.  The rest of the money will be directed to helping fund the Annual KC Geopicnic in August.  Due to Groundspeak guidelines, we can not appear to “solicit funds” on the cache page, hence why the cache page doesn’t mention the fundraising aspect of this event.  Per our reviewer, it was recommended we set up this page to explain what is going on.

Along with the idea of fundraising, pathtags are in development to be sold at the event.  You can see the design to the left.  The pathtag will be sold at $2.00 a tag.  You will find them for sale at future events up till the KC Picnic itself on August 20th.

Additional donations are always welcome.  Last Halloween, an “event fund” was developed using donations from local geocachers.  Some of that money is helping cover some of the catering costs for this breakfast.  A donation table will be set up at the event.  If anyone is unable to attend, but is interested in making a donation, please contact either myself, Buzzkill2, or Byonke.

We are looking for some additional folding tables.  If you have one that you can bring, please post a note on the cache page.  The week before the event, we will contact you to confirm whether the additional table space is needed after getting a more accurate headcount.

That brings me to a headcount.  Please post a Will Attend on the cache page if you plan on attending.  If you have an idea of how many people might be attending AND purchasing a meal ticket, please say how many.  If you aren’t sure yet, then make sure to let us know before June 11th.  We need about one week to ensure that we have enough food.

Creative Cache Contest

In the effort to have a little fun, there will be a Creative Cache Contest at the event.  To enter, all you need to do is design, build, and bring a creative cache to the event.  A geocoin has been donated for each of three categories: Micro, Small, and Regular.  The rules will be as follows:

  1. Anyone may enter, with the only restriction being that you must attend the event.
  2. The cache must be made by you.  Purchasing a ready to go creative cache is not allowed (for example, building a bolt cache as opposed to purchasing an already built bolt cache).
  3. You may enter any two of the three categories.  YAY! Two chances to win a prize.
  4. All entries must be submitted by 7:30 AM at the Contest Table. Please see whomever is at the Sign-in table to find out where the Contest Table is located.
  5. Please do not put your name anywhere on the cache itself.
  6. Voting will be done by attendees.  Each attendee will have two votes per category.
  7. The voting window will open at 7:45 AM and last until 8:15 AM.
  8. Prizes will be awarded at 8:30 AM.  First prize in each category will win an unactivated geocoin.  Second prize in each category will win a KC Picnic pathtag.

There is an extra part to this contest.  Anyone who designs a cache for the contest is welcome to keep their design.  However, if you are willing to donate to the event, then all donated caches will be auctioned off after the contest is over.  All money raised from the auction will go towards the KC picnic.  Don’t worry about letting us know in advance if you’d like to donate as we’ll ask when you submit your entry.

The contest times listed are subject to change, but the submission time will not be moved to any earlier than 7:30 AM.

Please check back with both the cache page and this page to keep up with any announcements about the event.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask on here to avoid turning the event page into a forum discussion.

Oh, and be aware that while I have put together the cache page and this page, I am only the announcer for the event.  Buzzkill2 is handling the catering while Byonke is handling the Pathtags.  We could always use additional help, so if you have an idea for something, or would like to donate your time to help AT the event, please let us know.



3 Responses to Breakfast in the Park

  1. sallymendon says:

    Thanks for putting this page together! I would never have thought of it! Good thing I know the right people.

  2. sallymendon says:

    Add Sausage to the menu please. For us meat eaters its a very important part of the meal!

  3. SmileAwhile says:

    I can donate my sausage to buzzkill2 and maybe even half of my coffee ration too!
    I will check storage to see if the folding tables have made it from St. Louis. If so, there will be two 8′ long ones available if needed

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