There are a variety of challenges out there in the geocaching world.  Delorme, County, Fizzy, and the Cache Across America series are examples that many cachers have grown familiar with.  I am currently working on completing a Fizzy Challenge.  On July 4th Weekend, 2008, I finished the Nebraska Delorme and County Challenges, and signed the logs on September 13th at the 5th Annual Kearney Picnic.

For those not familiar with these challenges, let’s recap.  The county challenge is simple enough.  Find a cache in every county in a particular state.  The Delorme requires finding a cache on every page of a state’s Delorme Atlas, a readily available atlas at bookstores, retail stores, and even gas stations.  The Fizzy challenge requires finding one cache of each Difficulty/Terrian combination, including one of each type of cache.  This one requires exactly 81 finds, which is why my buddies and I call it “The 81”.

So what’s next? Right now, I’m working on a streak. This means I’m trying to see how many days in a row I can find a cache. I’m currently up to 49 days in a row cached. I am continually working on Delorme/County challenges and Missouri is the state I am focusing on right now.

Recently, I completed an ICONIC DAY CHALLENGE. While I have completed the requirements for the challenge, I have not found one placed by another person yet. This challenge requires cachers to find a certain number of different cache types in one day. I hit 10 types in one day. Most require between 4 and 6 types. My goal in completing the requirements is to prove that I could do it before I created the challenge for the Kansas City area.

There are lots of other unique ideas out there: Quad Challenges, Zip Code Challenges, Alphabetic & Alphanumerica challenges, & 555 challenges are some. I’m sure there are others I haven’t seen yet as well. For now, I’m just going to keep working on the Fizzy challenge and the Delorme/County Challenges. Those are the big ones.

I’ve posted the following images to display my progress with various challenges:

1. Nebraska County Challenge – Finished, Map is dated July 26th, 2008

2. Fizzy Challenge

3. Nebraska Delorme Challenge – Finished, map is dated July 26th, 2008


4 Responses to Challenges

  1. GeoJoe says:

    Nice work, TripCyclone! I’m jealous. There are a number of similar types of challenge caches in California, all of which I’m only a fraction of the way through. Here’s a brief write up of other challenges you may be interested in:

  2. tripcyclone says:

    Hmmm? The quadrangle idea looks like fun. I’ve heard of them before, but never considered doing one. Time to run some searches….

  3. adv-family says:

    Cool ideas and nice site! I’m just getting into GC and love the idea of the state challenges. How did you create the challenge map?

  4. tripcyclone says:

    The first map of the Nebraska Counties is made through a website called It’s Not About The Numbers. Look through the links down to the lower right and I think I have it there. However, that will require you to have premium membership since the file it uses to create your stats (and maps) is only available to premium members. It’s one of several perks.

    The last map is a macro for a program called GSAK that renders an image with a Delorme Map overlay. My only beef with the macro is that the person who created the macro (or is handling it…that isn’t quite clear based on some e-mails) had mentioned needing help fixing the Nebraska map, which had errors: overlapping pages, incorrectly drawn pages, pages that weren’t the right size, among some minor issues. I quickly figured out what was wrong and how to fix it in his programming. After some back and forth with him, he approved of the changes and said that he would include them in the next update. It has since been updated twice and released to the public, and he is still asking for help with the Nebraska map. It’s a simple copy and paste job to correct as all I did was change the coordinate values for each map to match the coordinates in the physical atlas. Those values don’t how the program runs, they are merely the values that the program reads when it renders the overlay. So I’m not quite sure why he is accepting help from other people and ignoring an update on something he asked for help on. Oh well. If he fixes it and gives someone credit for the fix, I might have to contact him again about that.

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