Sign the Geoblog

Treat this just like you would a cache log.  Sign, date, and write a brief message.  Do you have a question you want to ask or a topic you’d like me to talk about?  Ask it in your message.  Or, do you have your own Geocaching Blog?  Well, here’s the page to mention it on for others to read.  Then check out my blog to read some stories, or visit “Tell A Story” to leave one of your own.  Enjoy.


8 Responses to Sign the Geoblog

  1. sumajman says:

    Thanks for the blog. I enjoy reading of your adventures.

  2. Kristi says:

    Hmmm, if only this was a trackable blog… Thanks for keeping up up to date!

  3. Trip –

    You’re a puss. I hope you don’t cut your poor thumb on a cache. Poor baby.

  4. tripcyclone says:

    Wow…somebody is upset. For the full story, click HERE!

  5. flagmtnhkrs says:

    We like your site. Your a good resource. Keep it up.


  6. AZSpudKing says:

    Found this while looking for something for my Mystery Cache. Thanks for the site. TNLN SL.

  7. Wheelers of Fortune says:

    Greetings from WA state. I enjoy your blog! Wheelers of Fortune.

  8. Team-Ducky says:

    Greetings from Team-Ducky.
    Glad to be in the 365 group and the 2nd HooHaa TB Race with you.
    Our duckies are slowly but surely being uploaded to our blog, Cachers of a Feather (found at Once we get the duckies up, we’ll start posting regular caching adventure posts.
    Love the blog and the photos.

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