Tell Your Story

Everyone who caches has an interesting story about finding a cache. So…tell it. Add your story to the comments on this page to let others hear about what happened to you.

A few rules:

1. Make sure you mention the cache and GC # for others interested in visiting the cache.   If you want to create a link to the cache page, just type in {a href=”WEB ADDRESS”}TITLE{/a}. Replace all of the { and } with < and >, copy the web address of the cache page in place of WEB ADDRESS (make sure you don’t delete the quotation marks) and type in the name of the cache in place of TITLE.

2. Please, no more than one story a week. Allow some other people a chance to tell their stories.

3. Keep the stories clean. If you are unsure, send me a line and I’ll let you know.

4. Remember that you’re telling a short story, not a 12 page paper.

Follow these rules, and let everyone hear your story.


One Response to Tell Your Story

  1. Peculiar TB Hostel GC1GR5J
    Let’s just let my log for the cache tell the story…

    Ahhhh… where to start?
    The city… Peculiar, Mo.
    The date… 01January 09
    My Name… Geocache Recovery Specialist iconions
    I was working recovery out of the Olathe, Kansas office when a call came in to clear several outstanding (in both meanings of the word!) geocaches out of the southern part of the suburban Kansas City area. After a slow start, prospects picked up and caches were recovered and logged at a respectable pace.

    Then, the trip to the Peculiar TB Hostel. After a short drive, a short walk, then a short search, the cache was recovered and the logging and inventory began, when…

    out of the blue pulls up one of Peculiar’s finest. He comes out of the car with his hand on his holster. At this point, I’m not sure whether to…,
    a) fall flat on my face and hope he doesn’t shoot me on the way down (I’m thinking the Jayhawk gear on the front of my truck isn’t such a smooth move at this point – thanks daughter!)
    b) hold my hands WAAAYYY up in the air and hope he doesn’t shoot me. or
    c) stand there like a dufus and hope he doesn’t shoot me.

    I choose c.) (I figure I do dufus REALLY well!)

    He runs my plate, runs my license,and I’m praying he doesn’t run me! (Seen way to many prison escape movies!) He asks how I got to Peculiar from Olathe. Ummm… officer, sir, I have a GPSr I’ve had on for over 5 hours with tracking on. Let me SHOW you where I’ve been. I explain Geocaching. He explains that he thought I was illegally dumping (I guess us Kansans don’t know to wait until DARK!). I standing there wishing I was back in western Kansas with quikkuffer (a sheriff’s deputy who placed some great caches who I met back in October under somewhat similar, but MUCH friendlier circumstances.

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