The Great TB Race

Now that the Great TB Race has begun, you may find complete racing coverage at The Great TB Race Blog.


46 Responses to The Great TB Race

  1. I have a TB Inn in my front yard that could be used as a checkpoint. “homeseller’s travel bug inn” GC1BNMM

  2. P.J. says:

    I’m in. Please send info/info card my way. Yahoo!

  3. Kristi says:

    I have to be in too! I am willing to place a Stop off point cache in the Omaha, NE area too!

  4. Neva Pruess (NevaP) says:

    Yes, I would like to enter a TB. Please send info and Info card.

  5. Mistikal68 says:

    I would like to enter a TB into the race! What a fabulous idea!

    Thank you!
    aka Mistikal68

  6. tonka_boy says:

    Sounds like a cool idea. I’m in. Send me a card

  7. Chris says:

    I love the idea of the race. Please send me the info card and any additional info that you have.


  8. Herschel Bowers says:

    Is a travel coin ok if not count me in any way , ill get a tb, please send what i need thanks Bama & pachyderm posse

  9. cincol says:

    This is great. Count me in please. I live in Qatar [Middle East] and would be happy to place a “Checkpoint Cache” if you want one in the Middle East.

    Please send me an info card ASAP so that I can get my TB posted. The mail could take a while to get to the US from here.

  10. cincol says:

    QUESTION – will you allow multiple moves by 1 cacher? ie: 1 cacher holding on to a TB and “dipping” it in and out of caches. I have provided the link to a race that I am currently involved in.

  11. swfirefly says:

    Yes, I would like to enter a TB. Please send info and Info card. I’ve been looking for a race like this!

  12. entogeek says:

    TB is on its way – good luck to it and all the other racers!

  13. TheLinderKlan says:

    Sounds fun! Count us in.

    I’m also ready to open a TB Cache on my property and you are welcome to use that as a checkpoint – just outside of Phoenix, AZ.

  14. delphic says:

    We’re in! Please send an Info Card. We will get a TB to you ASAP.

  15. Millieballon says:

    We would like to join the race in the USA.
    Please send us the extra information so we can prepare our TB
    and mail it over the ocean.

    team Millieballon from The Netherlands

  16. nike_sens says:

    I am very interested in joining the race. Please send me info card and whatever else I need to enter. What a great idea. Thanks nike_sens

  17. oversizeoregon says:

    Please,send me name and adress so i can mail a TB over the ocean.

  18. Hofy67 says:

    We are in. Already requested info through email from the forum. Thanks!

  19. Joes Bar says:

    I’m in! Sounds like a blast! Thanks for settting up the race. Mike

  20. Shelly (danny dog) says:

    Sounds like a blast! Can I get some info? Thanks!

  21. Mr.Skully says:

    Oh Yes I am interested alrighty, just found this page and race, please send a card and info. This sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thanks, Mr.Skully

  22. CacheJesus says:

    Count us in! We are in central Iowa and are willing to start an ‘official race checkpoint cache’ on our property. Please send us the info.
    Thanks! CacheJesus

  23. Kim says:

    My husband and I are interested! Please send the info =)

  24. FunkyKong says:

    Revved up and ready to race! 3 2 1 GO….


  25. catsnfish says:

    Hey trip, I need your address to send my tb to you. please forward the info card to me so I can download and seal it! vicki

  26. mercantilejds says:

    Our 4-H kids are studying mapping this year, so the TB race is on the syllabus! I will have 4-5 TBs to send you. Please forward info as well as the standard description. We can’t wait to get going!

  27. Private Pudding says:

    Count me in! Please send me the info card and any other intructions. Can’t wait!

  28. catsnfish says:

    bugs are on their way! mailed them today! vicki

  29. Karen Lynch says:

    We would like to enter. Please send us what we need. Have TB ready to go.


  30. Sandy Unger says:

    Two fo us would love to join the race. Please send me the info card and instructions for our TB’s. I also have a cache located near the airport in Minneapolis that would qualify for designation.

    NYSandy23 and BBaka”L”

  31. drneal says:

    I’m in…just need to order a travel bug!

  32. drneal says:

    please send info card

  33. Mr.Skully says:

    HELP!! Went to mail this TB out today and the email with the address is gone. So just need that again please.. Thanks.. Skully

  34. Larry739 says:

    I would like to participate in the 2009 TB race and would also like to donate a geocoin as a prize for the winner. Let me know where to send my TB.

  35. Karen Lynch says:

    Mailed ours out yesterday. This should be fun to watch. Thank you for organizing this.


  36. Gary says:

    Can you send details also time for TBs to arrive to you as based in the UK.

  37. Gary says:


    Would it be possible to order tb from america and get it posted directly to you?

  38. Leigh Ann says:

    We would love to participate… can you send the address and TB info card verbage?

    Leigh Ann

  39. Truscott says:

    I would like to join the race! Please send the the standarized cards and the mailing address!


  40. drneal says:

    got the tb…just need info card and mailing address

  41. bad kat says:


    What a cool idea! If it is not too late, I’d like to submit an entry. Also, I noticed some “Great TB Race 2009” TBs that have already been in existence for a while. Is this legal, or should I definately start with a fresh new TB?

    Thanks for organizing this race!

  42. mercantilejds says:

    Our 4-H group TB’s are on the way, and hopefully won’t arrive too late. Please see my separate email to grab them if you want.

  43. DoubleBent says:

    I posted this in the forum, but then I thought maybe I’d better post it here:

    If you want an “Official Checkpoint Cache” in Pueblo, CO, I’d like to offer one of mine.


    The cache is only a short distance from my house so it’s easy for me to maintain; in fact, the parking for the cache is where I can see it from my livingroom window, so I can keep tabs on the activity in the area (if I’m home, of course.)

  44. Tschakko says:

    I guess I read of this too late.
    I would have loved to participate, but as I do not even have a traveller on hand that could be send to u quickly, I guess I will have to pass out on this one.
    If u r interested u could take one of my caches as a checkpoint. It´s in my frontyard, too, so it´s gonna be there the whole year for sure….


    Happy Caching

  45. Mr.Skully says:

    Hello Trip, I was wounding where that image at the top ^ of the page is taken, looks like near Ridgeway Colo.

  46. Mike says:

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