What is Play?

Remember when you used to have time to just do, well, what-ever?  Life feels a lot busier these days and while busy can be good (and it has been good sometimes), there are moments where I wish I could slow down for a little while.  With Spring weather slowly taking over, I’m looking forward to getting back outside and maybe have some more of those “slow down” moments.

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2013 HooHaa52 Challenge Highlights

Over the years, I have attempted several photo challenges designed to last a year.  During my attempt at the 365 Challenge, I ended up failing around September when life got in the way.  Then in 2012, I got involved in the HooHaa52 Challenge.  I got started later in the challenge so was unable to finish a full year.  Last year, I tried again and can finally say I finished.

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2013 Goal Met…now what?

Last year, I set a goal of finishing the 366 Challenge.  For the unaware, it is a unique geocaching challenge that requires finding a geocache on every calender day of the year.  I had about 96 days that needed to be filled and was able to complete it in December.  But what about 2014? Continue reading

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One Month to Go or Less

If you read my blog at all, you know I have been working on completing the 366 Challenge this year.  I started the year with less than 100 days needed to finish.  Now, with the find I made today, I have only 11 to go.  YIPPEE!

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Feeling Sick Sucks

It is something that really does not need to be stated. We have all felt terrible when we are sick and it is not fun.  I usually can do okay when not feeling good but these last few weeks have been rough.
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